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24 July 2022

the Ladevant brothers, are joining the Karpos team

Tristan and Louna, the Ladevant brothers, are joining the Karpos team with the Bikeclimbing in the Alps project.

Extremely skilled ice climbers, respectful of nature, all-round mountain lovers. The outdoors is in their DNA! They will spend this summer biking and climbing, enjoying the Dolomite limestone and the most beautiful passes in the world.

They aren’t twins, but some people still have a hard time remembering their names because they’re known to everyone as “the Ladevant brothers.” Tristan is 24, Louna 21. They are a pair of expert ice climbers and mountain lovers — a passion that comes from deep-rooted contact with nature and the elements. Brothers, friends, climbing partners. The two live almost in symbiosis, sharing everything,
even their philosophy. “Our mother instilled these important values in us when we were children. She taught us to live in the heart of nature, in the mountains. That’s how we learned to love and respect them, to try to take care of them despite the impact of our activities.” Their discovery of the vertical took place by chance, but they immediately showed a surprising naturalness in their approach. They quickly found themselves climbing dramatically higher grades, and they soon entered the world of ice, where they reached the highest levels.

In 2022, Louna won the ice climbing world championships, while Tristan took third place.

In their life they’ve imposed a single rule: always give your best, while having fun!" 

"With their approach, Tristan and Louna embody the Karpos philosophy. Every day we work to try to reduce our impact on the planet, introducing new production systems, new
technologies, and new fabrics into our collections,” explains Giuseppe Lira, Karpos brand manager. “These two young men set an example, demonstrating how every one of us can make our own small contribution to a great cause. By combining many small actions that point in the same direction, we can achieve great results.”

Bikeclimbing in the Alps

A real journey through the Dolomites, to absorb its history, to understand its most delicate nuances, and to climb on some of the most famous limestone formations in the world. This is the Ladevant brothers’ first project as part of the Karpos team. A project that, in the relationship with Karpos, found shared principles and ideals and the same way of viewing the mountains and the future. 

The two brothers, accompanied by Symon Welfringer, Thomas Joannes, and Damien Largeron, took the train untain groups in the world, they will get on their bikes again, heading to Innsbruck to continue their adventure in the Kaiser Mountains before moving on to Salzburg, where they will catch the train that will take them back home."
from Grenoble to Milan, where they loaded up their bikes and started riding toward the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. 

“We wanted to break from the old patterns and go on an adventure that was new, that had a different pace, that would allow us to combine exploring the area with climbing. All with careful attention to lightening our footprint on the planet,” explain the brothers, who for this project have chosen to use secondhand — but safe and well-maintained — equipment such as bicycles, bags, bivouac gear, tents, and almost everything we will see them use. “Only the personal protective equipment, such as harnesses, helmets, quickdraws, ropes, and belay devices, is our own gear. We already have it, but above all the sale of secondhand items is prohibited. With this approach, we want to demonstrate that it’s not necessary to buy all new equipment every time. It's also possible to search for and reuse secondhand gear, especially if it’s in excellent condition.”

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