We climb mountains with our legs but first always with our minds.
In a zip we see resistance, in a pocket we see speed.
Our imagination runs on the edge of the future and makes room for itself.

Our brands accompany people in their daily revolutions. In sport as in life.

MVC is for champions.

Champions are people who get up at dawn thinking about how to improve their performance in competition.
They are fathers of families who, at night in bed, do the math to make ends meet. They are women who bend over backwards to keep it all together - home, work, passion, body and mind.
They are young people who want to change the world with a good idea. They are resilient adults, who endure hardships, an illness, a crisis, a bad day.
Manifattura Valcismon is for all of them.



We are an Italian house of brands, family owned since 1946 and specialized in sportswear

We help people overcome their limits and live their passion, by creating outstanding and innovative products. 

We want to do it in an increasingly sustainable way, respecting nature and people.

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We help champions become champions.

We provide the best possible equipment for modern explorers to make every moment an adventure, for creative talents to expand their possibilities, for humans to become champions.
We exist because we want to be a positive boost and a real help for all those who are carrying out their daily challenges.

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1 family, 75 years of history, over 250 employees across 7 Countries, almost 5 mln. clothes produced each year

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MVC Worldwide

We operate in 75 Countries through 6 regional hubs 

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