Our History

We are good at one thing above all: Innovation

We were created in 1946 by Olindo and Irma Cremonese. Manifattura Valcismon was first a spinning mill for wool yarns and then a manufacturer of quality underwear. 
We’ve come a long way: today MVC Group is an incubator for sportswear brands that uses ideas and innovation to leave a positive mark on the world. 
That’s why we come to work every day.


Foundation of Manifattura Valcismon S.p.A.

In 1946 life for Olindo and Irma Cremonese was made of hope and trust, dream and project, intuition and invention: they set up a spinning mill for wool yarns and founded Manifattura Valcismon S.p.A.
Over the years, production shifted towards quality underwear, first for the Italian market, then also for the United States.


Creation of the Sportful trademark
The turning point came in 1972, when Giordano Cremonese took over his parents' company. He wants to take part in the newborn Marcialonga, but he doesn't have the right clothing.
So he decided to create a revolutionary garment made of stretch fabrics that offer unprecedented freedom of movement. This is the birth of the SPORTFUL brand.



Production of the first collection of ski clothing for cross-country skiing


Production of the first collection of cycling clothing
Sportful immediately started attracting attention in the sportswear market with its cross-country ski clothing. So, in 1985 Sportful began to produce and market cycling clothing: the most recognized professional teams in the world and the Italian national team choose Sportful.



Acquisition of the cycling clothing brand Castelli
Manifattura Valcismon is in full growth: in 2003 it acquires the prestigious brand Castelli and within a decade returns to be a leader in the world of cycling clothing.


Creation of the Karpos brand and production of the first collection of technical outdoor clothing
Giordano Cremonese, who has always had a strong bond with the Dolomites, wants to dedicate himself to a sporting dimension linked to emotions. After concentrating on cross-country skiing and cycling, he rethinks outdoor clothing based on what the mountains have taught him: in addition to hard work and satisfaction, silence and contemplation. The Karpos brand is born.



Equinox fund becomes a strategic partner of Manifattura Valcismon
The entrance of Equinox in the assets of Manifattura Valcismon through the acquisition of a minority share of 40%, is the beginning of ambitious goals of growth and expansion at international level. The vision broadens and goes beyond the boundaries of sportswear to contemplate gestures and actions that have a strong and positive social impact on human beings and the planet, based on shared ideas, focused efforts and collaboration.


The MVC Group
Today the group is a joint-stock company with a production of over three million garments, present in 75 countries around the world with 3 proprietary brands.
This is why, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of its foundation, it is launching MVC Group: the new corporate image, which reflects its international dimension and maintains its roots and culture in the Dolomites.
We are also inaugurating a new multi-brand store under the banner of sustainability.


Our brands

Our brands accompany people in their daily revolutions. 
In sport as in life.

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