Corporate Governance

The system of corporate governance adopted by MVC Group plays a key role in the Group’s operations and its medium- to long-term goals. This system is based on compliance with all applicable regulations and support for the principles of transparency and social responsibility in all the countries in which the Group operates:

The four pillars of corporate governance are:

  • the Group’s administration and control bodies;

  • the effectiveness and transparency of management choices;

  • monitoring of transactions with associated parties and of treatment of privileged information;

  • the set of defined, recognized, and shared values specified in the Code of Ethics and in the company's policies.

Management and Control

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Encompasses the values that the Group recognizes, shares, and promotes;
regulates the decisions of the company and its employees and how they operate in relation to stakeholders.

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MODEL 231/2001

In 2020 Manifattura Valcismon Spa adopted the Organization, Management and Control Model as required by Legislative Decree 231/2001. Model 231/2001 defines the areas of responsibility of entities and companies in relation to any crimes committed or attempted in the interest or to the advantage of the company.

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