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12 September 2022

Agile working and supplementary health insurance

Two key employee-benefit initiatives from the headquarters of the group that owns the Sportful, Castelli, and Karpos brands

Manifattura Valcismon, owner of the Sportful, Castelli, and Karpos brands, continues to move forward in its commitment to improving the well-being of its employees, which is one of MVC Group’s fundamental values.

One of the first companies in Italy to introduce flexible working hours for production and warehouse personnel as well as for office staff, MVC Group is now taking two further steps forward by formalizing remote work and offering supplementary health insurance for employees at the Italian headquarters.

Remote work and supplementary health insurance were introduced during the COVID-19 emergency: the former allowed for safer work conditions, while the latter was an additional way to assist employees, a measure strongly supported by the Cremonese family.

With the end of the pandemic’s emergency phase, MVC Group decided to formalize remote work with an agreement that gives employees at the Italian headquarters the option to work one day a week from any suitable location.

In addition, a supplementary health insurance policy has been made available to every employee, providing for a series of healthcare services in addition to the coverage of medical and health-related costs incurred in the event of injury or illness.

The insurance policy also includes access to a digital storefront that offers discounts and promotions on medical and health-related services.

Work-life balance and employee health are an important dimension of MVC Group’s strategic vision, and both initiatives are part of the three-year plan for promoting a healthy equilibrium between personal and professional commitments, for which Manifattura Valcismon has received Family Audit certification.

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