22 November 2021

Karpos launches Rina Bag, made with upcycled materials

Online only and in a limited edition, the Rina Bag is the brand’s new unisex backpack bag made in Italy with recycled materials. Sales revenues will be donated to Help the Mountains projects, which aim to protect the mountain environment.

At Karpos, nothing is thrown away, and the Rina Bag — the unisex backpack bag made entirely with fabric scraps, elastic, and labels left over from previous collections — arose from the principle of recovering materials and the philosophy of upcycling.

The bag is dedicated to Rina, the company’s symbolic grandmother, and to all the grandmothers and grandfathers who teach us how to reuse and give new life to objects: a tribute to past generations and an inspiration for future ones.

To create these first 2,000 Rina Bags, 700 meters of fabric, 6,000 meters of elastic, and 2,000 recovered labels have been reintroduced into the production cycle. In this way we’ve been able to find new value in quality raw materials that were initially destined for shredding.

Rina bag represents Karpos willingness to take another step toward a model of sustainable development, and in the next future these numbers are intended to increase.

Our aim is to continue this project in the future and to extend the principle of recovering and saving our resources to other production lines” explains Giuseppe Lira, Karpos Brand Manager “We believe that each of us can do our part to improve the socioenvironmental impacts of our actions and allow future generations to meet their needs like we do”.

Rina Bag is not just a product but a way of thinking and acting, also because buying it contributes directly to the protection of the mountain environment.

As a matter of fact, 50% of sales revenues are directed to the Help the Mountains project. Through this initiative, Karpos donates part of its turnover every year to projects aimed at protecting the land and the mountain environment.

Practical, functional, and beneficial, the Rina Bag from Karpos is for anyone who wants to contribute and inspire change in the world, and it already seems destined to become an iconic object for fans of the brand.

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