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10 November 2022

Karpos partner with Italian national ski mountaineering team for 10th year

The partnership between Karpos and the Italian national ski mountaineering team has been renewed for the 10th consecutive year. The outdoor brand from Manifattura Valcismon will continue to supply the strongest national team in the world, supporting the Italian athletes on their journey toward the 2026 Milano-Cortina Winter Games, where the sport will make its Olympic debut.

The relationship between Karpos and the Italian national ski mountaineering team is founded on a shared passion for the sport. The national team brings together the best athletes in the country, young people who have within just a few years reached the highest levels of the sport. Karpos, drawing on its rich manufacturing heritage, is committed to providing our athletes with the best-performing clothing in the world.

“We thank FISI for the trust it has placed in Karpos, a confirmation that validates the path we chose to follow many years ago. Supporting the Italian national ski mountaineering team on its way to the Olympic debut is a great privilege, but also motivation to continue our research and development work,” said Alessio Cremonese, CEO of MVC Group. 

Outfitting the athletes of the Italian national team is one of Karpos’ greatest success stories. They have worked together to honor the Azzurri, achieving exceptional results thanks to a group of outstanding athletes who every year offer the opportunity to test and develop the clothing of the future, seeking continuous improvements in performance. A perfect training ground, a showcase
that over the years has allowed the brand to become a point of reference in the ski mountaineering sector. 

“The continuation of the partnership with Karpos is a source of pride for FISI, which for many years has entrusted the performance of the Azzurri to one of the most iconic Italian companies in the
field of sports apparel. We expect action-packed years leading up to the Olympics in our Alps. The eyes of the world will be on us, and being able to rely on well-established, efficient partners is also
an important factor in the performance of our athletes,” said Flavio Roda, president of FISI.

"Il proseguimento della collaborazione con Karpos è motivo di orgoglio per la FISI, che da molti anni affida le prestazioni degli Azzurri ad una delle aziende italiane di maggior tradizione in ambito
sportivo. Ci aspettano anni intensi che porteranno all'appuntamento olimpico sulle nostre Alpi. Saremo sotto gli occhi del mondo e poter contare su partner di consolidata efficienza è un aspetto
importante anche per le performances dei nostri atleti", ha detto il Presidente della FISI Flavio Roda.

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