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04 February 2022

Sportful: the first ski suit from 1973 displayed in the new MVC store.

A special exhibit at the new MVC store: the suit that Giordano Cremonese — owner of  MVC Group — designed in 1973 to participate in the Marcialonga.

Sportful’s first cross-country ski suit, designed and made by Giordano Cremonese in 1973 to participate in the Marcialonga — the iconic cross-country ski race through Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa — was displayed in the new MVC store on the occasion of the 49th edition of the event.

The history of Sportful is closely linked with that of the Marcialonga.

In 1973, Manifattura Valcismon (now MVC Group) has already been in business for almost 30 years, making high-quality knit underwear, and the Marcialonga is considered a “legendary” event for all cross-country skiers. Among these is Giordano Cremonese, son of the founders of the company in Fonzaso, and a talented athlete, who decides to register for  the third edition of the event as a personal challenge.
To participate, he designs a close-fitting suit in bright orange in a then-innovative fabric offering light weight, durability, and protection from the cold: acrylic. 

He receives many compliments and requests for his unique clothing, and Cremonese immediately recognizes the great demand for quality clothing for cross-country skiing. So, that same year, he starts producing specialized garments under the English-sounding brand name “Sportful.” 

The rest is history, and even today that touch of orange is a characteristic and recognizable trait of a brand known all over the world.

The suit, a historical artifact and a treasured symbol of the history of the family and the brand, was exhibited on the occasion of the 49th Marcialonga di Fiemme e Fassa.

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