We promote revolutionary acts

We encourage people to protect and nurture their talents, their dreams, other people, the environment. To go a little further to encounter wonder. To act with courage, respect and integrity. To persist.Commitment as a way of life
Our mission From Humans to Champions is based on 5 values that guide us in the choices and decisions we make every day.

Tangible impact

Turn actions into tangible results.
From the very beginning, the possibility of having a real impact sparked a great strength in all of us: it was the reason why our father Giordano started Manifattura Valcismon. We're doing the same thing today.

Unbreakable optimism

Persevere despite obstacles.
We learned it from sports, we learned it from life. We face challenges with positivity, never stopping because we have found that it is enthusiasm that guides us to opportunities. Inside it all is the future

Continuous research

Try and try again to make life easier for the champions, those of the races and those of everyday life.
When we conceive our new models we start from the athletes' needs, in a continuous comparison that has made research and development the fundamentals of our success. With our discoveries we allow people to focus on their goals without having to worry about anything else, whether on K2 or on the country road.

Constructive change

Embrace new possibilities without fear.
The world changes, as does our reality.
Seventy years ago, Manifattura was one thing, today it's something else, tomorrow it will be yet another. We embrace change as a chance to overcome new challenges and grasp opportunities to grow together. We want a world made of more humane people, a greener planet, brighter brains, useful collective actions.

Cultivating talent

Helping people do their best.
We encourage those who work with us to express their talents and share them. We offer the tools to grow with us, convinced that the best is yet to come.


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